Local Trade Unionists call for co-operation on safety at work

Trade Union Branches within the St Helens MBC area expressed their concern over recent figures released by the HSE regarding industrial injuries in St Helens.

Martin Bond, secretary of UNITE St Helens branch which  represent workers across many sectors within the town, said “Recent figures from the HSE show workers in St Helens having a significantly higher risk of accident at work than average, and this is cause for concern. There are many impacts of accidents at work ranging from the personal consequences of injury to workers and their families to the cost to business and the state.   

Martin added “There is significant research* that shows where workers are involved in health and safety processes at work through their Union Safety Representatives (USR), then the incidences of accidents, injuries and ill health are significantly reduced.

Marie Rimmer  MP for St Helens South and Whiston and herself a UNITE Member with a background in workplace health and safety at Pilkingtons, commented “The HSE and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills both recognise the value of unions and USRs in particular in making workplaces safer and healthier. This has the benefits of significantly reduced costs in terms of lost time, around 600,000 days saved and financial savings of almost £600m per year.

Clearly there is great value for all stakeholders in involving USRs in health and safety processes   they know the work, they know the workers and we know it works, so I would urge businesses in St Helens and Whiston to engage with their local Union Safety Representative for the benefit of all.

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