Marie Rimmer MP calls for Parliament to be recalled to save our steel.

Marie Rimmer MP is supporting the petition by Leader of the Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn to urge the Prime Minister to recall Parliament to consider urgent action to save our steel production in the wake of events at the Tata Steel plant in Port Talbot, South Wales.

The petition- which can be found at - calls on the government to cut short the Easter recess for politicians and recall parliament to discuss this urgent issue.

Opposition Leader, Jeremy Corbyn said “The news that Tata is preparing to pull out of steelmaking in Britain puts thousands of jobs across the country and a strategic UK-wide industry at risk. MPs must have the chance now to debate the future of steel and hold ministers to account for their failure to intervene.”

Steelworkers and their families will be desperately worried about the uncertainty. The Government is in disarray over what action to take. Ministers must act now to protect the steel industry, which is at the heart of manufacturing in Britain and vital to its future.”

Marie said “As the Member of Parliament for a community that knows all too well what it is like to suffer from the effects of mass deindustrialisation, I condemn the government for standing by and doing nothing to help the people of Port Talbot. The Prime Minister should recall Parliament so that action can be taken to save our steel. I would encourage all of my constituents to sign this petition and urge the government to act.”

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