Labour MP Marie Rimmer slams Government for six wasted years

Marie Rimmer MP has condemned the Government for their failure to support local families in the Autumn Statement.

Labour’s key ask going into the Autumn Statement was for the Government to reverse, in full, the cuts to in-work benefit Universal Credit and the £30 a week cut to Employment Support Allowance. This call was supported by a number of the Chancellor’s own backbenchers. 


The cuts to Universal Credit introduced by the Government have taken around £2,100 from the pockets of 2.5 million working families. The changes announced in the Statement will give them back as little as £150.


Commenting on the Tory Chancellor’s first Autumn Statement Marie Rimmer MP said:


‘’This Autumn Statement was a chance for the new Chancellor to repair some of the damage done after six wasted years of Conservative failure to manage the economy. Instead it revealed that the Government’s so-called ‘long term economic plan’ is in tatters.


“Economic growth has been revised down in 2017 & 2018, borrowing and debt are up; meanwhile real wages will remain below their 2008 levels until at least 2021. Yet the Tories are still pressing ahead with huge cuts to Universal Credit which will hit those who are ‘just about managing’ hard.


On housing, Marie welcomed the move to ban letting agent’s fees. Labour MPs have long backed ending letting fees for renters but Conservative MPs have repeatedly voted against it.


Despite repeated calls from opposition MPs, there were no announcements in the statement about funding for the health and social care. Marie added:


“The statement did not give a single penny to the NHS or social care despite the deepening crisis after six years of Tory cuts and it revealed the Government has absolutely no plan on Brexit, failing to give workers and businesses the certainty they need.


“Only a Labour government will deliver on the ambition and vision to rebuild and transform our economy so no-one and no community is left behind.’’

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